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ProPacker is a quality contract packaging company providing value adding outsourcing in dry food packing and warehousing / logistic services. We are specialised in pouching services of dry food products such as spices, powders and large variety of superfoods.

Our mission is to provide customer oriented services enabling our customers to focus on their own core business. We not only fill the pouches, but offer wide range of services from concept to delivery as well. We share our expertise and wide network of partners to help your food product on the market in a proper and appealing packaging, safely and quickly.

As a flexible and strategic partner also for small businesses, we want to support their growth and therefore also produce smaller batches.

We focus on constant development of our services according to customers’ needs and requirements. We’d be happy to hear about your particular needs!

We are also interested in widening our network of reliable suppliers for high-quality premade pouches (stand-up and flatbase pouches). Especially latest innovations with environment friendly materials interest us.

Food safety - dry food packing

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ProPacker Pakkauspalvelut Oy
Vehnämyllynkatu 10
FI-33560 Tampere, Finland

Marisa Ryökäs
Director of Sales and
Customer relations
+358 40 647 2699

Delivering value to customers with customer oriented approach

Vesalantie 14
FI-33960 Pirkkala

Marisa Ryökäs
Myynti- ja asiakkuusjohtaja
+358 40 647 2699
Esa Karru
+358 40 553 2353
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